Family Fun on the 4th of July!


Truck Stop Rally at Stanley Marketplace

If you’re looking for some good ol’ fashioned family fun for the Fourth of July that won’t break the bank, look no further than the Truck Stop Rally at Stanley Marketplace in Stapleton! This marks the third Truck Stop rally of the Summer, and the second year in a row celebrating the 4th of July “Truck Stop style” at the Stanley Marketplace! Ditch your standard Independence Day plans and bring the whole family to Truck Stop!

If you attended last year’s 4th of July bash, you know what to expect. If you missed last year’s party, keep reading to learn more about all the fun that Truck Stop offers.


The Grub

With dozens of food trucks lined up to serve your culinary cravings, there will be no shortage of options. You’re craving a salad but your kid wants a shawarma?? Perfect! Everyone gets what they want at Truck Stop! We’ll have all the Independence Day classics like gourmet burgers and hot dogs, but we’ll also have options you won’t find at any other 4th of July party. From noodles and waffles to BBQ and vegetarian options, every taste bud has a friend at Truck Stop. 

Can’t decide on one truck? At the Stanley rally, each food truck will offer a $5 option so you can eat your heart out while keeping cash in your pocket. Don’t forget to bring your sweet tooth to the party, because the dessert options will not disappoint!

Truck Stop Rally Santa Fe 08.03.2018-12.jpg

The Booze

All that talk about food is making me thirsty! Luckily, Truck Stop doesn’t hold back when it comes to beverages. Our mobile bars and fueling stations will be pouring ice-cold beers and cocktails all day, with a very special 4th of July happy hour from 4 - 5 pm. During happy hour, ALL drinks are only $4! Non alcoholic options are available too, so no one is leaving Truck Stop thirsty (or hungry for that matter). Enjoy craft cocktails from Tito’s, Seagrams and Don Julio, or grab a Montucky Cold Snack to beat the heat!


The Vibes

With food and booze covered, all we need next is an ambiance. Don’t worry, we’re way ahead of you! While your belly will be full of food and booze, your ears will be pleasantly filled with music coming from live bands and DJs playing all day long. 

To accompany the music, Truck Stop is adding games, games, and more games to the mix to keep everyone entertained! Play ping-pong under a shaded tent, or step into the sun to toss some bags, play spikeball, or try your luck at a larger-than-life rendition of beer pong played with kickballs and buckets (see photo above). Are you having fun yet?! 


Come and Hang on the 4th!

Stop stressing about the 4th and come on down to Stanley Marketplace for Truck Stop! Come hungry, leave happy. And God Bless America!!

4th of July at Truck Stop vs. Your Friend's BBQ

Let’s face it. You’ve been going to the same ol’ 4th of July party for years now! And no offense to your friends - let’s call them Chad and Lisa to protect their identities - they’re wonderful people, but there’s got to be a better way to celebrate America, right? You owe it to yourself, and your tastebuds, to ditch the house party and bring all your friends to party at Truck Stop instead. Heck, you can even bring Chad and Lisa along! Here’s how we see things shaking down at Truck Stop vs. Chad and Lisa’s party:

The Grub

Chad’s & Lisa’s BBQ:

Chad has always been a terrible cook. That’s a fact. What makes you think he’s gotten any better? Pro tip: he hasn’t.

Truck Stop:

DOZENS of food trucks to choose from, including some 4th favorites like BBQ, hot dogs, and burgers.  What sounds better to you… another Chad’s-charred-grease-burger? Or a Swiss chard cheeseburger? 

The Bevvies

Chad & Lisa’s BBQ:

Lisa make a mean drink, but not everyone wants to drink her skinny margs all day. And don’t even get us started on Chad’s lukewarm cooler full of mystery beer…

Truck Stop:

Cocktails, cold beer, and more delicious libations served to you from Fueling Stations across the fest! Added bonus - no one at Truck Stop will judge you for double-fisting.

The Tunes

Chad & Lisa’s BBQ:

Ahhh… Chad’s “infamous” iPhone playlist. Smooth jazz and scat, anyone?

Truck Stop:

Live bands on the main stage and live local DJs all day long! 

The Vibes

Chad & Lisa’s BBQ:

Maybe some college-style beer games? Lisa couldn’t flip a cup to save her life back in college, and she certainly hasn’t gotten any better.

Truck Stop:

Comfy lounges, yard games, and plenty of room to dance. Plus, a Trading Post marketplace featuring local vendors! Let the games begin!