Food Trucks ON THE RISE

It would be impossible to devise this festival without paying homage to the reason we are all intrigued by this concept. So here goes... 

Although the modern food truck craze started in 2008 in Los Angeles, the idea of selling food out of a moving vehicle started more than 100 years ago. The New York Times Magazine explained that every food truck from the past 130 years can trace its history back to one man in Rhode Island.

“In 1872, a vendor named Walter Scott cut windows into a small covered wagon and parked it in front of a local newspaper office in Providence, R.I.,” the magazine stated. “Sitting on a box inside, he sold sandwiches with pies and coffee to journalists and pressmen working late.”

The unofficial start of the modern, trendy social food truck started in 2008 with the Kogi BBQ truck. The mobile restaurant was started by chef Roy Choi and entrepreneurs Mark Manguera and Caroline Shin. It combined Korean BBQ with Mexican tacos in a way that was tasty, inexpensive and representative of much of LA to many customers.

Kogi BBQ defined the style as top-quality fusion dishes that are also convenient, rather than foods that were traditionally served in trucks that may be viewed as greasy or unhealthy. This has brought food trucks to completely new aspects of the population in a way that crossed cultural and socioeconomic boundaries.