Saturday, June 2nd: Welton Street

Saturday, June 2nd: Welton Street



  • All trucks must offer at least one tasting item priced at $5.00. This item must be representative of your fare and a real taste of what you have to offer! (Trucks may offer as many other food items as they would like priced at whatever they deem fit.)

  • All Food Trucks must report total daily sales of each event to the Event Manager post each Truck Stop event. 

  • All trucks must use 100% compostable paper-ware and utensils for serving. We have the ability to help trucks secure compostables at a great price! More information on our compostable partner to come soon!

  • Food Trucks are not allowed to sell water, soda, or any other beverages during the event. No beverage sales (water, soda, etc.)
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